Do you know that feeling after you JUST finished cleaning out your closet? It’s a feeling of lightness, openness, and even relief.  You feel as if you’re on top of the world.  In a nutshell, this “sensation” is the core essence of Feng Shui.  Feng Shui is the art of creating clarity and opening up space in your life, so that you can manifest and attract your true dreams and desires. So many of us are completely overwhelmed on a day-to-day basis, so I put together 5 SIMPLE STEPS to help get you focused.  When you arrange/re-arrange your environment, your life will undoubtedly be enhanced.



Take out those laptops or notepads and start asking yourself what it is you want in your life?  Do you want to better your health?  Attract a new relationship or improve a current one?  Earn a higher salary? Or maybe just become more spiritual?  You may want it all, and trust me when I say, you can have it all.  Recording our dreams and aspirations helps us in becoming clear on what’s true.  Save this list and put it somewhere easily visible.  We will get back to it momentarily…



Whether you are applying Feng Shui to your home or office environment, look around and figure out where you can begin to de-clutter.  My suggestion would be to go straight to the place you’ve been avoiding- like that messy garage or chaotic closet.  Make 3 piles for ALL the things that do not serve you anymore, and say BAH-BYE!!!  Label these piles: “Throwaway”, “Giveaway”, and “Stowaway”.   Be sure to remove within a week.  Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!  If that means rocking out to Justin Bieber, so be it!



Now that you have finished de-cluttering, it is time to create a sense of balance and comfort to your space. Mother Earth is the closest thing to perfection, so in Feng Shui, we incorporate the 5 elements -Wood, Water, Earth, Fire, and Metal- to mimic that perfect blend of harmony.  If you want to properly balance your space, you need to make sure every room includes all five elements.  Below I have listed each element and the different ways you can bring it into your space. Get creative with it!!!


Wood- Column-like shapes, Greens/Blues, wooden furniture/pieces

Fire- Triangular shapes, Oranges/Reds, Candles/Lights, Animal textures, artwork displaying people or animals

Earth- Rectangular/Square shapes, Yellow/Earth-tones, Earth-worn objects (ceramics/tile/stucco), and Landscape art

Metal- Circular shapes, Whites/Pastels, Metal furniture/pieces, Rocks/Stones

Water- Asymmetrical shapes, Black/Dark colors, Crystals, Mirrors, art displaying water features/bodies of water.



Now the fun part!! Are you ready to manifest?! Take out your wish list and let’s get started!!  In Feng Shui, a bagua map is used to represent the 8 “treasures” of our life – Wealth, Reputation, Love, Health, Knowledge, Career, Spirituality, and Creativity. (See bagua map below). You can apply this exact map, always stemming from the door entryway, either to a whole floor, room, or even just a desk.  The structure of it never changes. For example, maybe your Love and Marriage area is where your bathroom is (upper right hand corner) of your home- that is OK.

Here is how to use it; Let’s say you want a new boyfriend. That falls in the Love and Marriage category. Your L & M area, happens to fall in your bedroom.  So, you can place artwork symbolizing a loving relationship, a pair of doves, a “set” of lamps or other things, fresh red roses, you get my point.  Maybe you will even stowaway that picture of a single lady staring into the distance? The point is to set the intention that you want a romantic partner, and bring that forward. See what category your desires fall into. Below I have included a list of each “treasure” of our lives and ideas you may use to enhance this aspect of your life. J


Love & Marriage- art symbolic of love, reds/pinks/peach/white, beautiful flowers, quotes/affirmations about kind of relationship u want

Health & Family- fresh plants, floral patterns/colors, pictures of your family, vitality, or lush landscapes, greens/blues, quotes/affirmations of good health

Wealth & Prosperity- pictures of flowing water, a money bowl, art depicting luxury, colors of reds/purples/blues. valuable possessions

Fame & Reputation (How you want to appear in the world)- Pictures/objects of acknowledgment, pictures of favorite people, all pleasant lighting, red colors, quotes/affirmations of success

Children & Creativity- Pictures that stimulate your creativity, white/pastels, things made of metal, handmade items/things from childhood, quotes/affirmations about creativity

Career- water features like fountains/aquariums, dark maroon/chocolate/navy, mirrors/glass/crystal, art depicting water scenes, quotes/affirmations relating to career

Helpful People & Travel (Spirituality)- pictures of gods/angels/saints, whites/grays/blacks, gratitude box, quotes pertaining to spiritual guidance

Knowledge & Self-Cultivation- books being studied, artwork depicting mountains/quiet places and pictures of meditation, Blues/Blacks/Greens, comfortable chair, quotes/affirmations about contemplation and knowledge.













Expect there to be immediate changes- many wonderful, and some painful.  Understand that sometimes when one door closes, another magnificent one opens in order to enhance our lives.  I use the term rollercoaster because in life there will always be ups, downs, turns, and even some stomach aches on the way. Do your best to welcome these changes gracefully and ENJOY this crazy ride we call LIFE.


About Janice Berkowitz

Janice Berkowitz is an Essential Feng Shui practitioner for the L.A. community. Her vast holistic health and wellbeing knowledge was cultivated from an early age, under the guidance of her mentor and father, Mark Berkowitz. Dr. Berkowitz is and top biological dentist and homeopathic/naturopathic doctor in Janice's native state of New Jersey. She began her career as a public school teacher in Brooklyn, NY, dedicating six years to elementary education.  After moving to Los Angeles, she attended the Western School of Feng Shui, where she obtained her certificate as an Essential Feng Shui practitioner. Janice’s well-rounded knowledge and experiences make her a rare combination of insight, wisdom and compassion.  She is greatly inspired by bringing forth the love and light to all of whom she consults.  Contact Janice at:

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